Donate Barbie Dolls

”The Child Benefits From Playing With Dolls. As Toddlers They Begin To Learn More About How To “Take Care” Of Their Dolls, Which Teach Them Compassion And Selflessness. Dressing, Moving The Doll Around, Etc Causes The Child’s Motor Skills To Develop And Improve Dramatically.”

”Another Important Social Skill That Children Learn When Playing With Dolls Is How To Process Emotions Such As Empathy And Compassion. Just Like Caring For Their Doll Teaches Responsibility, It Teaches Them To Empathize With Those Around Them And Allows Them To Grow Up Into Caring People.”

So Many Thanks to Mr. Puneet

He Has Donated As Many As 991 Barbie Dolls To Be Distributed To Girls In Municipal Schools. We Queried Why No To The Boys Who Would Also Like To Play With Dolls And Even They Would Like To Give To Their Sisters. Even Our Staff and Trustees Will Also Keep As Memory

He Readily Agreed.

So we had our first distribution in city

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