Participation in our On The Spot Mind Games Contest – 2016 for Interschool, Intercollege and Families


We at Children Toy Foundation are working for the Right of the Child to Play since 1982. In 28 municipal schools of Mumbai about 5-6 thousand Children benefit through our projects. Besides 4 schools in Baroda and 20 village schools at the outskirts of Allahabad also benefit. We entertain children in Hospitals also and at times we benefit construction sites children also. For our concept of Olympics of Mind games we have won an international award also.


We are holding Interschool, Intercollege and Families On The Spot Mind Games Contest for the year 2016. The contestants will be taught the games on the spot. They have to exhibit on the spot grasping power and analyzing and planning capacity. The games are like Chinese Checkers, Reversei, I drop, 5 in a row and many other memory games. We are sure you will encourage us by participating so that slowly we can develop into a bigger event.

Watch out this space for more details about the Contest.

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