Khelvigyan- Education & Entertainment through Play(edutainment)

I know everyone who knows about the Khelvigyan project feels that its an excellent initiative.I always maintain that like PT which is Physical Training, we must have a period of CLT, which is Creative and Logical Thinking. But again,the beauty of Khelvigyan is that its not just CLT but also PT because it involves Physical running around. — Sanjay Bapat, Managind Director, Indian Pvt. Ltd

Play is a fun, enjoyable activity that elevates a child’s spirits and brightens his/her outlook on life. It expands self-expression, self-knowledge, self-actualization and self-efficacy .It provides a self-psychological distance from problems and allows expression of thoughts and feelings appropriate to a child’s development.

Play relieves feelings of stress and boredom, connects a child to people in a positive way, stimulate creative thinking and exploration, regulates emotions, and boosts ego.

As an extension of the concept of play library, Children Toy Foundation, with the help of corporate donors has launched play centers called ‘Khel Vigyan’,meaning Game Science,the title itself explains its purpose, the idea being based on the concept of ‘Learn while you play’ and have added programs to inculcate art and skill. This involves storytelling, puppetry, Craft, drawing, drama beside some curriculum based games & activities.

Opened at City of Los Angeles Municipal School, Dadar and Nagar prathmilk Shiksan samiti School no. 17, Baroda., the play centers caters to the pre-primary and primary section children of the school with around 20 classes of English, Marathi, Hindi and Gujarati,Urdu,Tamil,Telugu,Kannada medium. There are 1500 children in Matunga school and 1000 children in Baroda school.

The centers are absolutely free for school children and the aim is to encourage children whose family may not afford to educate them through play way method. The center has, psychiatrist, lecturer from human development department of SNDT, and many more from children’s field on its advisory board.

The centers operate in such a way that every class gets one hour of playtime twice a week. The center has well equipped library and a team of trained Educators to impart the necessary skill to these students.

The project had been put to research by S.N.D.T. Women’s University and is acknowledged by them. Results have shown that there is 100% attendance of children in schools. Also remarked difference has been noted in their performance especially in subjects like mathematics/languages, logic. Through games, their level of promptness, alertness, and sharpness has increased. They are much more focused. Also there is a considerable behavioral change in these children. Khelvigyan project also encourages children to come to school as attending classes means one gets one hour playtime.

to summerize

It is observed that the schools / institutions who have opted for ‘Khel Vigyan’ program designed by Children’s Toy Foundation have derived numerous benefits as a result. Some of them are listed below: 

  • Improved children’s attendance 
  • Number of drop-outs reduced
  • Children develop liking towards academic subjects that they found difficult once. 
  • Children became more organized
  • Children began caring, sharing and respecting each other
  • They adapted cleanliness and understand the importance of hygiene.  
  • Their decision making ability was improved. 
  • They developed new creative ways to solve problems

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