Master Plan

CHILDREN TOY FOUNDATION has been lucky enough to have  got favourable reactions from industry and business circles; but not as much as was expected of them.All the same, resource crunch is one of the major factors that has come in the way of any major expansion of the FOUNDATION’S activities.

To overcome that, the FOUNDATION has thought of creating a corpus fund of Rs. 5 crore through donations and grants.Even the annual interest from that amount will be sufficient to make several of the FOUNDATION’S dreams come true. By a rough estimate , the interest should be sufficient to supplement the budget of at least 100 new libraries every year.

One deserving case is the extra expenses involved in buying a wider range of toys for children with special needs. Another , the funds shortage chronic in the case of municipal schools, remand home, orphanages, old people’s homes and rehabilitation centres for women. Lf a handicapped person procures a specially equipped van which he wants to convert into a mobile library , if a group of street kids want to set up a play centre, if a retired jawans want to self-employ themselves by running a library these cases can be deemed deserving of the special grant. Tax exemption will be sought from the Government on the Rs 5 Crore corpus fund in the light of the humanitatian goals. As it is, donations to the trust running the FOUNDATION are exempt from tax under Section

80 G of the Income Tax Act. If good response comes forth we can apply for 35C exemptions also.

That is just the beginning. To materialize the other projects like Khilona Place, Toy/ Game workshop and Toy/ Game Bank / Exchange , the FOUNDTION would need further infusion of funds. Being incorrible optimists that too optimists with a vision we are confident of making all these dreams come true. In a country renowned for Harischandra and Daan Shoora Karna , seeking assistance from individuals and organizations, from business and industry , from the haves to help out the have –nots cannot be deemed demanding too much.

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