Mobile Van

Earlier in 1996-97 CTF used to arrange play sessions in evening for street children around its office at Fort. Everyday around 30-40 children from the surrounding used to play.

Prompted by this overwhelming response and in its quest to reach out to more children at distant places, an idea of developing a mobile service just occurred and today it’s a big thing.

The van was named as LAFF van (Let’s All have Fun & Frolic). LAFF van has helped to propagate the toy library project in Northern states of India all the way up to Jammu and Kashmir. M/s Godrej Industries and many ‘Lions’ Clubs had sponsored the trip. The LAFF van had been in 162 villages of Latur District and an equal number off villages in Nashik district on sponsorship of Excel Industries Ltd.

LAFF van helped CTF by giving access to many donors who were inspired to set up toy libraries at different places.

The colorful vans easily lure the imagination of the children .On the body of the van there are many games painted and more than hundred children can play with magnetic counters in groups. The Van has lots of toys and games both educational and entertaining. The specially designed group game on the van is an open invitation for number of children to come together.

The van has an in built video system for viewing educational video films and also for playing video games. Occasionally puppet and magic shows are performed to engage and entertain children. It has a projector for big screen viewing for more number of children and mike system for children to interact with each other with jokes,poems etc.

The van has stacked around 300 toys and other games along and hobby kits of stamps, coins, cards etc This van is taken care by Excel Crop Care ltd at Banaras and serve schools for farmers children in 20 villages.This van has also gone to Bahraich to server sugar industry workers children courtest ECC Ltd & Parle group.

Also it gave us access to many donors who were inspired to set up toy libraries at different places.
Godrej Saralee Ltd is our new partner with whom we have made Good Times Bus and serve 12 more schools,hospitals & NGOs.

With our new partner Larsen & Toubro Ltd we have made Nanha Munna Express and serve 6 municipal & 6 private schools.

We run LAFF van in Mumbai donated by well wisher group & State bank Of India Com. Br. And supported by Vibha Inc. U.S.A.


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