On the spot game contest

I think these competitions are extremely helpful for children and there is a lot that Toy Manufacturers could observe about the efficiency of the games.We will certainly co-operate with you in your future activities which would have anything to do with toys for the benefit of children. — M.F.Chinoy, Past President – The All India Toy Manufacturers Association

Children love nothing better than doing something on their own. There is nothing more fulfilling than moving forwards at one’s own initiative an drive. On the spot Games Contest is aimed at testing the skill, grasping power, instant judging and planning capacity of the young participants. The Contest, a distinguishing feature of the CHILDREN TOY FOUNDATION, has caught the imagination of people, both children and adults alike.

The idea behind the contest is to generate the maximum amount of joy among the largest number of children (Which includes those who are children at heart).As an experiment, it has never failed to give a foretaste of the wonder world of toys/ games, which is normally beyond the reach of the middle and poor class of children. As the means to an end, the contest has invariably proved to be the forerunner of a fresh string of libraries / play centres which people were provoked to set up following the whetting of appetite at the contest.

The games to be played are not declared in advance. They are announced just half- an- hour before the contest begins. The

Element of secrecy and surprise adds flavour to the proceedings, making the actual contest a delight to watch.And the effort has always proved to be more than worth it, both in terms of intellectual delight and competitive laurels.

The CONTEST provides access to a variety of games, involving children physically as well as mentally. Educational games that teach alphabets and word – building, numbers and shapes and colours, engineering skills and perceptive power, creative game that promote artistic and mechanical skills, strategy games that enhance logical and analytical powers, and help develop concentration and memory ; puzzles that have the power of observation, strengthen one’s determination and boost one’s confidence- the rang is unlimited and the satisfaction derived has no limits.

On Children ‘s Day -1987, the FOUNDATION invested the Contest with a new dimension. That being the take-off point of

Chacha Nehru’s Birth centenary celebrations, the move was symbolically right too – roping in the adults, who would be otherwise busy twiddling their thumbs outside while the contestants will be busy inside the playing pen. But the lure proved so strong that the adults arena witnessed a free- for- all, with the young ones also pitted against the adults. The little ones made a telling point when they shared the honours with the adults.

Alongside, the contest has a fun games corner worked out on two principles : one, what is sauce for the goose need not be sauce for the gander; two, there is more to play than an intellectual bent of mind. The simple truth is that a doll, be it ever so stringy, may last a lifetime memory just like a ball and a bat, a tiny bit of gimmickry fashioned out of plastsic,wax or strings, a mechanical set or do- it- yourself kit. What is more, these favourites may cost next to nothing, and yet yield the greatest joy. Working on this principle , the fun games corner provides the best ingredients of entertainment and potfuls of fun, entailing only nominal cost and more –value – for – little-money.

So far the contest has been confined to Bombay, with a sprinkling of outsiders. The concept has however, caught the fancy of the International Association of Toy Libraries, which is also considering our proposal of a children’s Indoor Intellectual Games Olympics.

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