Future plans

All have eyes but few have vision.Mr. Devendra Desai is one of them.Being a chess player,he has an analytical mind. A man full of enthusiasm and with the gift of adaptability,he organizes games which are unique every time. So much variation in age,intellect,toys,time limit,space,kinds of organizers-and still he is able to ignite enthusiasm,adapt and motivate them and is thus able to endear himself. Like spectrum he has spread his activities in many states and territories. Always in demand,he invents new games,arranges funds,space and trains volunteers. A man who dreams to bring smile on every child’s face and says “ Happy Child; Nation’s Pride”. — Himmatbhai Dawawala – Prof. Train the Trainers classes and a thinker

To supplement and enhance the impact of the movement, the FOUNDATION has drawn up some ambitions plans. These include :-

A Play Park – Khilona Palace

A giant playhouse where toys/ games are in constant motion.Adult volunteers will help out, but it shall be children who will occupy the centre – stage. In theis arena of romance, children will take to whatever catches their fancy. And they will be taught how to derive maximum joy from whatever they lay their hands on. In this toy/ game plaza , the little ones will be the kings and queens , with the adults playing the role of courtiers.

Toy / Game Research & Development Centre

Nothing is static particularly toys/ games. Experiment inventiveness and innovation is the essence of things if India toys/ games have to make strides in the international arena. While corporate investment in R&D is quite limited in this country, the FOUNDATION would like to contribute in its own humble way to R&D in this field.

Toy / Game reference Library

Which will contain all relevant literature from all over the world. Such a data bank is essential if we have to keep up with the changes taking place at the global level. Roping in creativity, culture and tradition for enriching the play environment, doing close-ups of nature , architecture and landscape to improve the physical environment, studying play in the community to improve the social environment all these are issues which need to be looked into in depth if we have to sustain increasing awareness of the intrinsic value of toys/ games. A library of the above sort can play a key role in this attempt at enlightment.

Toy / Game Workshop

Curiosity is the key to learning .It should be remembered that children have often been small keys to major investions. Alfred Graham Bell happened upon the idea of a telephone while toying with a kite. Benjamin Franklin was flying a kite in a thunderstorm when he made the momentous discovery : that lightning and electricity are one and the same. Marconi too picked up the first ever trans – Altantic wireless signals while flying a kite. Then there is the age old spinning top which gave birth to the gyroscope and which in turn triggered the invention of the automatic pilot. French doctor Lennoe devised the stethoscope after he watched two boys on a see saw one boy scratching at one end, the other listening at the other end by applying his ear to it.

The FOUNDATION believes that none should discourage a child which loves to dissemble a toy / game as long as he/she is also keen on reassembling it. Because the eagerness to learn the hows and whys of things is the right way to true knowledge. The workshop will play a major role in satisfying this curiosity.

International Toy / Game Bank/ Exchange

It is not dollars and yens alone that count. Toys and games can make a better currency. It should be recalled that the toy movement in India took off thanks to a consignment of toys/ games sent to Indian children by a philanthropic Indian based in Canda. One way to promote quality consciousness among Indian manufacturers as well as consumers is to introduce them to toys and games of international standard. Off and on the FOUNDATION has received gifts of toys from abroad, and it is high time the process was streamlined and the flow of toys/ games regularized at both ends. The FOUNDATION, therefore , intends setting up the Bank / Exchange to facilitate swapping at both national and international levels. In the common pool that will be formed, children can revel and romp around.

Toy / Game Library Administration Traning Center – A Diploma Course

If you think running a toy/ game library is child’s play. You are sorely mistaken. The expertise needs to be acquired through dedication and thorough training .Right now a corps of volunteers has been helping out in setting up new libraries, but in the light of the expansion that is planned , a training centre of that sort is an absolute must.


Children Toy Foundation seeks partnership with corporates and / or any other organisation / individual to carry its mission


CTF plans to set up at least one model Khelvigyan centre  in each state and territory. If this happens interstate contests on fun and games could be arranged that would bring children of India together


In order to reach out the more and more children CTF plans to develop mobile toy van services in rural areas.


CTF also has plans to make a lego land style play park where different type of games could be arranged and would also have an auditorium to show fiIms, dramas etc.This could be tourist attraction also.


CTF plans to start in suburbs of Mumbai a ‘Sunday’ family play centres where on parents/guardians, with their children could come and play on every Sunday.


CTF further plans to develop a toy library diploma course so that new lot of toy library enthusiasts could be trained.


As a gesture of goodwill/international gesture CTF wishes to donate a toy library in neighboring countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal etc. so that international contests could be arranged.





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