Bahu Balak Hitaya

Bahu Balak Shukhaya

Vision: Concept note: Unite India: 36 play vans / 36 states

Children Toy Foundation is the only institute of its kind working for the right of the child to play since 1982.

We have helped and guided to set up 331 toy/game libraries covering 13 states and 3 territories in schools,orphanages,women homes,sr. citizen homes ,NGOs hospitals,with institutions  and even in jails and desert. We have 2 static Khelvigyan centres and 4 mobile vans through which we serve 33 municipal schools,2 orphanages,4 hospitals and at Allahabad 20 village schools. About 6-7 thousand children benefit directly from our projects. and many more through net work of toy/game libraries at different places.

Dr. Radhakrishnan  has rightly said, ”the end product of education should be a free creative man,who can battle against historical circumstances and adversities of nature.”

Swami Vivekanand has also rightly said, ”Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.”

Late FRM President Shri Abdul Kalam said ”My message especially to young people is to have courage to think differently,courage to invent,to travel the unexplored path,courage to discover  the impossible and to conquer the problems”. Above messages are relevant to our work and play with mind games develop above virtues in children who will be our future youth.

We want to educate children beyond reading and writing .We want them to grow into thinking citizen.

Children easily get to play video games,they easily get into sports like cricket, football. We say change the way you look at games (take to mind, educational, family Board games) and it changes the way you look at PLAY. Mind games teaches them to look at a situation from all directions,look with all prospective which will be very useful habit in future. Play in the family will be very useful for family bonding and socialization.

Doctors say it’s a good idea for people to bear in mind the importance of exercising their brains. People who consistently challenge themselves with mental activities—such as memory tests or problem solving—tend to have healthier mental capacities than those who do not.

Obviously, children and pre-adolescents benefit from brain games that encourage them to actually use their brains; for instance, memory games in which the children try to turn over one card at a time and match the cards. These games have been around for years, but are still beneficial. Puzzles, card games and even riddles can be equally valuable.

There’s a lot happening during playtime. Little ones are lifting, dropping, looking, pouring, bouncing, hiding, building, knocking down, and more. Children are busy when they’re playing. And, more than that, they are learning. They are learning key scientific concepts, such as what sinks and floats; mathematical concepts, including how to balance blocks to build a tower; and literacy skills, such as trying out new vocabulary or storytelling skills as children “act out” different roles. Play is the true work of childhood. Dr. Kalam has said he was playing with moving toys,cars etc from which he was directed to the idea of missiles.

And when your children play with you, they are also learning—that they are loved and important and that they are fun to be around. These social-emotional skills give them the self-esteem and self-confidence they need to continue building loving and supportive relationships all their lives.”

Khel – Vigyan  Project :

Vision :- To provide alternate learning to children through the application of toys, games and other activities under the supervision of qualified teachers.

Mobile Toy Van:

Vision :-To take the power of Toys and games to locations that hitherto have little or no access to them. In other words to enhance the reach of Toys and Games.

Your encouragement will give  us impetus to strive harder in our endeavors .To give our best to children we are attempting to build CTF on the values of care, commitment and passion.

Toy/game libraries:

Vision:To see that no child is deprived of toys the childhood pleasure and learning tool.

We are glad to inform that :

National Committee for promotion of Social and Economic Welfare (Department of Revenue) has approved our project and Donation to our projects / corpus are exempted 100 % for F.Y.2014-15,2015-16,2016-17.

What’s  Our New Plan?

We are planning to donate 36 mobile TOY  vans in 36 states and territories involving 36 corporates which could be inaugurated by 35 CMS and one at Delhi by the P.M. on one National day , same time which could be Guinness Book of World Record. Vans will be fully equipped with toys,games and other play materials,children mral films etc and dedicated,well trained staff will be at the services for children.

After that Interstate contest, national level contests in Mind & Fun games can take place, SAARC countries can participate and idea can grow into International Olympics in mind and fun games for children, the idea….which was acknowledged & acclaimed in  1993 , at World Play Summit jointly hosted by International Toy Library Association(ITLA) and International Association for Child Right to Play(IPA) at Melbourne, Australia.

Hidden agenda is to reach out to children as fast as possible and to generate jobs for educators/teachers and also to boost Toy Industries in India, as after the vans we intend to set up libraries in villages also.

Play is eternal and so we are sure we will get our due share from  2% mandatory spending on CSR activities by Corporates and we will achieve our  above goal. Business tycoons are also welcome to personally come forward availing 100% tax benefit and help us with their MIGHT.

With such visionary activities the whole nation will rise and people all over will start devoting more time to constructive thinking.


Features of the Toy Mobile Van:

White colour: represents PEACE

National symbols: Ashok Chakra, Tiger, Peacock, Hockey, Lotus, Ja na gana mana

Patriotic song: Sa Re Jahanse Accha

Moral song: Kisiki muskarahato pe ho nishar..

Good Bye: Action song

Games to play on the body of the van: strategy games, educational games, memory game, maths games, dice games, IQ puzzles, antakshari

To talk about: story, opposites, India, birds, flowers, leaders, saints, musical instruments, people who help us.

For children: to draw pictures on the blackboard, a newly devised run around the van fun game

Message: jo bacche hai khusal to des ka bhavisya hai ujjawal

Quote: Necessity may be the mother of invention, play is certainly the father.

What we are missing? Have not been able to see such a van in each state & territory….your further support…..


UNO ‘s Charter-Article-31.

The child shall have full opportunity for play and recreation, which should be directed to the same purpose as education. Society and public authorities shall endeavor to promote the enjoyment of this right.

Our Motto

No Child should be deprived of Toys,the childhood pleasure and learning tools.

Our Aim

To educate children through Play, beyond reading and writing, so as to help them acquire real skill and develop positive attitudes in their life.
To instill a sense of Pride within the young ones and further boost their confidence.For this we use the potentil force of toys and games.
Let us not forget Alexander Graham Bell came upon the idea of the telephone while toying with a kite.

Benjamin Franklin was flying a kite in a thunderstorm when he discovered similarities between lightning and electricity.

The game goes on…

Must watch video

A video of Children Toy Foundation on completion of 25 years.