“ Play Is Training for Unexpected ”

- Mare Bekof

37 Libraries For 37 States/UT Same Day Same Time

What’s New? We are planning to donate 37 Mind / Educational libraries in 37 states and territories involving donors which could be inaugurated by 37 CMS and on one National day, same day same time which could be Limca book of record/Guinness Book of World Record. P.M. may address the nation After that Interstate contest, national level contests in Mind & Fun games can take place, SAARC countries can participate and idea can grow into International Olympics in mind and fun games for children, the idea…. which was acknowledged & acclaimed in 1993, world conference jointly hosted by International Toy Library Association(ITLA) and International Association for Child Right to Play(IPA) at Melbourne, Australia. Hidden agenda is to reach out to children as fast as possible and to Generate jobs for educators/teachers and also to boost Toy Industries in India, as after the vans we intend to set up libraries in 6000+ villages also.

Just for the purpose we are quoting one or two quotes "An enjoyable idea which I hope to put into practice when I return. Here's to the Olympic flame travelling further. "Margalithalklavya-Israel.

  • "The international Children's Olympics is a great idea. I like it most because it enables large groups of children to play with wide age ranges. I feel that more play like this should take place on this planet, and am very pleased that it is happening in India. "Kevin Fell-University of Melbourne.
  • For this we are collaborating with RSS run Vidya Bharati Schools, We have got 27 states 27 schools.
  • Also we are getting contacts of Goa, Maharashtra and Gujrat schools.
  • Now following states/U.T of Delhi, Mizoram, Andaman Nikobar, Dadara Nagar haveli,Div Daman, Puducherry and Lakshadweep are remaining hope to get all together Visitors of our site is requested if they can support us in any way they can.

  • Master Plan

    CHILDREN TOY FOUNDATION has been lucky enough to have  got favourable reactions from industry and business circles; but not as much as was expected of them. All the same, resource crunch is one of the major factors that has come in the way of any major expansion of the FOUNDATION’S activities. To overcome that, the FOUNDATION has thought of creating a corpus fund of Rs. 7 crore through donations and grants. Even the annual interest from that amount will be sufficient to make several of the FOUNDATION’S dreams come true. By a rough estimate,the interest should be sufficient to supplement the budget of at least 100 new libraries every year. One deserving case is the extra expenses involved in buying a wider range of toys for children with special needs. Another, the funds shortage chronic in the case of municipal schools, remand home, orphanages, old people’s homes and rehabilitation centres for women. Lf a handicapped person procures a specially equipped van which he wants to convert into a mobile library,

    if a group of street kids want to set up a play centre, if a retired jawans want to self-employ themselves by running a library these cases can be deemed deserving of the special grant. Tax exemption will be sought from the Government on the Rs 7 Crore corpus fund in the light of the humanitarian goals. As it is, donations to the trust running the FOUNDATION are exempt from tax under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act. If good response comes forth we can apply for 35C exemptions also. That is just the beginning. To materialise the other projects like Khilona Place, Toy/ Game workshop and Toy/ Game Bank / Exchange , the FOUNDATION would need further infusion of funds. Being incorrible optimists that to optimists with a vision we are confident of making all these dreams come true. In a country renowned for Harischandra and Daan Shoora Karna , seeking assistance from individuals and organisations, from business and industry , from the haves to help out the have – nots cannot be deemed demanding too much.


    Short Term Goals

    • Improve the robustness of our existing Khel Vigyan projects
    • Better teacher training and inviting experts from the field for guidance
    • Introduce more learning oriented Toys and Games and New activities based on Budget 
    • Make square of 20 youngsters knowing different languages
    • Set up at least 10 libraries per year

    Long Term Goals

    • Have 1 mobile van in every state of India so that India is united through a bond of play
    • Have one small Toy game library in as many villages as possible

    Future Plan

    All have eyes but few have vision. Mr. Devendra Desai is one of them. Being a chess player, he has an analytical mind. A man full of enthusiasm and with the gift of adaptability, he organises games which are unique every time. So much variation in age, intellect, toys, time limit, space, kinds of organisers and still he is able to ignite enthusiasm, adapt and motivate them and is thus able to endear himself. Like spectrum he has spread his activities in many states and territories. Always in demand, he invents new games, arranges funds, space and trains volunteers. A man who dreams to bring smile on every child’s face and says “ Happy Child; Nation’s Pride”. — Himmatbhai Dawawala – Prof. Train the Trainers classes and a thinker To supplement and enhance the impact of the movement, the FOUNDATION has drawn up some ambitions plans. These include :- A simple concept applied with unswerving dedication and love by Devendra Desai is worth recognition for its utility, appeal, and replicability. So many simple needs and pleasures in life remain unfulfilled just because they are so simple that it does not strike one to do it. - VINAY R. SOMANI-TRUSTEE- KARMAYOG.CO I know everyone who knows about the Khel Vigyan project and feels that it is an excellent initiative. I always tell Mr. Desai that like PT which is Physical Training, we must have a period of CLT, which is Creative and Logical Thinking. But again, the beauty of Khel Vigyan is that it’s not just CLT but also PT because it involves Physical running around. - SANJAY BAPAT-MANAGING DIRECTOR-INDIAN NGOS.COM PVT. LTD

    A Play Park – Khilona Palace

    A giant playhouse where toys/ games are in constant motion. Adult volunteers will help out, but it shall be children who will occupy the centre – stage. In theis arena of romance, children will take to whatever catches their fancy. And they will be taught how to derive maximum joy from whatever they lay their hands on. In this toy/ game plaza , the little ones will be the kings and queens, with the adults playing the role of courtiers.

    Toy / Game Research & Development Centre

    Nothing is static particularly toys/ games. Experiment inventiveness and innovation is the essence of things if India toys/ games have to make strides in the international arena. While corporate investment in R&D is quite limited in this country, the FOUNDATION would like to contribute in its own humble way to R&D in this field.

    Toy / Game reference Library

    Which will contain all relevant literature from all over the world. Such a data bank is essential if we have to keep up with the changes taking place at the global level. Roping in creativity, culture and tradition for enriching the play environment, doing close-ups of nature , architecture and landscape to improve the physical environment, studying play in the community to improve the social environment all these are issues which need to be looked into in depth if we have to sustain increasing awareness of the intrinsic value of toys/ games. A library of the above sort can play a key role in this attempt at enlightenment.

    Toy / Game Workshop

    Curiosity is the key to learning. It should be remembered that children have often been small keys to major investors. Alfred Graham Bell happened upon the idea of a telephone while toying with a kite. Benjamin Franklin was flying a kite in a thunderstorm when he made the momentous discovery : that lightning and electricity are one and the same. Marconi too picked up the first ever trans – Atlantic wireless signals while flying a kite. Then there is the age old spinning top which gave birth to the gyroscope and which in turn triggered the invention of the automatic pilot. French doctor Lennoe devised the stethoscope after he watched two boys on a see saw one boy scratching at one end, the other listening at the other end by applying his ear to it. The FOUNDATION believes that none should discourage a child which loves to dissemble a toy / game as long as he/she is also keen on reassembling it. Because the eagerness to learn the hows and whys of things is the right way to true knowledge. The workshop will play a major role in satisfying this curiosity.

    International Toy / Game Bank/ Exchange

    It is not dollars and yens alone that count. Toys and games can make a better currency. It should be recalled that the toy movement in India took off thanks to a consignment of toys/ games sent to Indian children by a philanthropic Indian based in Canada. One way to promote quality consciousness among Indian manufacturers as well as consumers is to introduce them to toys and games of international standard. Off and on the FOUNDATION has received gifts of toys from abroad, and it is high time the process was streamlined and the flow of toys/ games regularised at both ends. The FOUNDATION, therefore , intends setting up the Bank / Exchange to facilitate swapping at both national and international levels. In the common pool that will be formed, children can revel and romp around.

    Toy / Game Library Administration Traning Center – A Diploma Course

    If you think running a toy/ game library is child’s play. You are sorely mistaken. The expertise needs to be acquired through dedication and thorough training. Right now a corps of volunteers has been helping out in setting up new libraries, but in the light of the expansion that is planned , a training centre of that sort is an absolute must.

    How Mobile Khelvigyan works ?

    • 1. We visit in 1st and 3rd weeks same 6 schools, full day in each school and 2nd and 4th weeks another 6 schools.
    • 2. Timings are 10 am to 5 pm and 5 classes are held in a school each of one hour duration.
    • 3. In groups teachers take indoor and outdoor games and for holistic development of a child other activities like storytelling, drama, craft, drawing, puppet shows are taken. Also some moral, interesting children films are also shown.
    • 4. Teachers are trained in each game category: Math's, Memory, Jigsaw puzzle, IQ puzzles, Educational games, Dice games, Strategy games, Fun & Action games, outdoor games. They are also trained in puppetry, storytelling, drama and other disciplines.
    • 5. Each teacher is trained to keep personal notes of each game’s instructions in brief as aide to memory. The teacher maintains this in his own language.
    • 6. Curriculum based questions and answers are also kept to revise portion through game in the monthly meeting entire bus team report about activities done in the schools to exchange ideas.

    10 Ways Playing Board Games Can Benefit Your Mental Health

    • 10 Ways Playing Board Games Can Benefit Your Mental Health • When you’re looking for ways to relax and have fun board games are a natural choice for many people. They give you a chance to have some fun and just enjoy the company of others around you. They can take the pressure off of social situations by giving your entire group something to enjoy together so conversation flows more naturally. • There are so many types of board games out there that you’re sure to find a great match for your personality and the types of games you enjoy. You can play strategy based games like mahjong or you might enjoy games that are more group-oriented like Monopoly or Risk. • With the internet at your fingertips, you can even play mahjong online or find a group chat about strategies to solve a game of solitaire. There are countless ways you can take some time to relax and enjoy board games in your life. There are even some benefits to be found when it comes to playing board games and your mental health. • If you’re curious about mental health benefits of board games you may not know about yet, you’re in the right place. Here are 10 benefits of playing board games when it comes to your mental health. • 1. They Are Natural Stress Reducers • Board games are a fun thing to do, and having fun gets your mind off of things you may be worrying and stressing over. When you’re focused on the board game and not your job, or budget, or whatever else might be going on in life, you’re giving yourself a break. You’re taking some time to breathe and reset your mind. • When you’re playing a board game you’re pulled into another world almost. This is especially true if you play tabletop role-playing games. So if you find yourself stressed and unsure of how to handle it, try playing a game. It could help more than you realize. • 2. You Can Play While Increasing Your Mental Agility • Board games aren’t all created equally. While some are just focused on having fun, others really do require a lot of skill and focus. When you’re playing Yahtzee you’ll need to use math skills to make sure you’re choosing the best roll for each slot you’re filling. • Card games like solitaire require you to use your memory in order to win more often than you lose. You’ll be keeping track of the patterns you start to see in the cards you’re dealing out as you flip through your deck. Things like this really help you increase your mental agility without even knowing it. It’s all just fun and games, literally. • 3. You’ll Increase Your Self Confidence • Are you someone who worries about your skills in life not being up to par? Maybe you struggle with knowing if you’re a good decision maker, or you aren’t sure if you are able to develop strategies to solve problems effectively. If that’s you, then board games may help more than you realize. • Every time you’re playing a game and you make a decision you’re gaining confidence in your abilities and talents. When you’re working on a winning strategy and it works, you start to see yourself as a capable person who is able to make a good plan. All of these things help you increase your self-confidence. The next time you need a little boost to your self-esteem, try breaking out a board game. • 4. You Can Make Great Social Connections • Like you read about earlier, board games give you a way to interact with a group without the pressure of coming up with topics of conversation. Sometimes mental health issues can cause you to want to isolate yourself. Playing a board game is a way to work through that without a lot of extra social pressure. • Focus on games that require group interaction but won’t force you to spend a lot of time thinking of what to say or when to say it. Things that you can just really immerse yourself in the experience are the best option. Playing in a group setting and working towards a common goal, like a cooperative play game would be great choices when you’re trying to stop isolating. • 5. You Get To Have Fun • Laughter reduces cortisol, a hormone that occurs when you’re highly stressed out. Although this is related to the reduction of stress you learned about earlier, fun in and of itself is its own benefit. When you play a game that’s all about having fun you’re allowing yourself to really let go and just enjoy life. • Don’t underestimate the power of laughing and enjoying some time with a group of friends. Choose a game that encourages you to act silly, like a game similar to Charades. Anything that gets you to break out of your shell and just be in the moment, having fun. When it comes to having better mental health time spent having fun is never time wasted. • 6. Board Games Help You Unplug • When it comes to technology you have a lot of screens in front of you at all times. Whether it’s for work or for something like interacting on social media, it’s easy to get too involved. What that can mean for your mental health is that you start to feel less grounded in reality. You can get lost in the world of tech and lose touch with real life. • This can be a pretty disorienting feeling but board games are a great solution. You’ll want to choose a real board game this time and not an online version, but as you’re playing you’ll notice that you probably feel more grounded. You might start feeling more aware of everything and everyone around you. You can start to enjoy the real things in your life a little more, and that’s a great thing. Don’t underestimate the power of unplugging and playing a board game regularly. • 7. You Can End A Fight • Have you ever been bickering back and forth with a spouse or friend for so long you’ve forgotten why you were angry in the first place? It happens to a lot of people, and it’s a very common thing to experience. Surprisingly, board games can be a great way to fix this situation. • If you find yourself in a stalemated fight with a loved one, try playing a game together. Focus on the fun and strategy involved in the game and you’ll find that you are losing the energy to keep being angry or continuing to fight. • The more fun you have together the more likely you are to end a fight that seemed like it would last forever. You’ll give each other the chance to be seen in a more positive light and remember why you enjoy being together. Give a boardgame a try the next time you aren’t sure how else to end a fight with a friend or partner. • 8. You’ll Get An Energy Boost • When you’re struggling with mental health issues like depression it can feel like you have no energy at all. Sometimes even getting out of bed really feels impossible. It’s understandable and you don’t need to be ashamed of that. When you’re ready to try and break that cycle you may be left wondering where to turn. • Real life chores might still be too much for you but a board game could be a great place to start. It’s an activity that’s enjoyable, built for having fun, and while you’re doing those things you will start to gain more and more energy naturally. As you go about playing if you really put your heart into it you’ll find that being involved in something interactive gives you the boost you’ve needed. • 9. When You’re Overwhelmed, Try A Board Game • This builds on the self-confidence you read about earlier but it’s also a little different. Life can throw a lot at you at one time and getting overwhelmed can stop you from figuring out the best decisions to make to move forward. A great way to practice quick decision-making skills is through board games that use a lot of varying play types and strategies. • As you watch yourself make decisions quickly even if you’re being asked to do two or three things at once, you’ll be gaining skills you can transfer to your real life. It’s like practicing for the big show. The sharper your on the fly decision-making skills are, the less likely you are to get overwhelmed. Think of board games as a way to keep your skills honed and ready to go. • 10. Board Games Can Teach Social Skills • When a child plays board games they can learn about social skills that transfer to other areas of life. Board games can teach you about effective communication, patience, waiting your turn, and how to be a graceful winner or loser. • All of these skills are essential to doing well in the real world, so board games are a great way for children or adults with limited social skills to learn these types of things. Most people will just see it as a fun time playing, but the things they’re practicing will be useful for the rest of their lives. • By now you’re probably very clear on some of the best benefits of playing board games. You can see that although they are really meant as a tool to have fun, there are great things that can happen when you’re spending time fully involved in a game. The skills and benefits gained will help you out in your life in many ways. • Now that you know, you’ll never have to discount the time you spent playing a board game as time you could’ve been doing something productive. Playing a board game is productive all on its own, so go enjoy being productive… by playing. Author Gabe Nelson

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